Data target is locked by process when remodeling advanced DSO

Data target is locked by process is an error message and may be the solution can help someone.

When working with advanced data store objects we can add or remove a field even when there is data loaded. We don’t need to delete all the data to add a new key figure.

In such cases we should use the option remodeling.

The remodeling job is created when we are trying to activate the ADSO. We just get a clickable message in HANA studio. When clicking on it the transaction RSMONITOR is opened. There is already a remodeling process created. We need just to start it.

By running the remodeling job there was an error, which was a little bit strange for me, so I decided to share it. It may help someone.

Data target XXXX(Active Table) is locked by process {2018-03-01 10:02:47 000001 EET} (internal 6)

There is no other description for this error, so it was not clear how to find this process, which is locking the ADSO.

This error can appear also by other operations with the advanced DSO. For example if we try to load data.

It turned out that my advanced data store object was in planning mode. After I changed it to loading mode, the error disappeared and the remodeling job was executed successfully.

How to change the advanced DSO into loading mode from planning mode?


In RSA1 just find the advanced DSO, right button, planning specific properties:

Data target is locked by process  planning properties

More details about the planning properties you can read here.



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  • January 23, 2019 at 7:25 am

    I encountered the same issue and then I saw your post. It was very helpful. Thanks.


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