Create Input ready query

Create Input ready query:

The creation of input ready query seems to be an easy task, but there are some tricky moments, so I decided to summarize them into this post.


1. Infoprovider

First of all you should have planning enabled ADSO(Advanced data store object) or info-cube where you will store the entered data. Make sure that your info-provider is currently in planning mode. How to do this you can read here.

2. Aggregation level

The input ready query will be created on an aggregation level, so you should create such with transaction RSPLAN. You can create the aggregation level on a single info-cube(ADSO) or on a Multiprovider. Select all the needed characteristics and key figures.

Create query in the Query Designer

3. Create a query with the SAP Bex Query designer and select as info-provider the aggregation level.

In the query you should filter all the characteristics to a value or put them into rows and columns, so the entry of the data to be possible.

Tip&Tricks: You can create also filter in transaction RSPLAN and use it in the Query Designer.

4. Check the planning properties of the query.

In the query properties there is a tab planning. Check there the box “Start query in change mode”.

Create input ready query
Create input ready query

Also you have to change the planning mode of the key-figures included in the query:

Key figure properties
Key figure properties

Tips&Tricks: Check also the properties of the characteristics in the query. Some characteristics have by default the setting to allow only values already posted into the cube.

Characteristic settings
Characteristic settings
Web application

5. Next step is to create a web application with layout and use the query there. You can use design studio planning applications for this. You need to create a simple planning application with one layout. For the layout you can use the spreadsheet component in the design studio.

After creating the application you need to add your query as data source. This happens with right button and add data source:

Add data source design studio
Add data source design studio

The new data source has to be assigned to the spreadsheet.

In the design studio application you will need also button for input ready switch on and off probably and also a button SAVE.



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