Data slice of type exit for locking the data in a planning cube

Data slice of type exit for locking the data in a planning cube

Data slices are option in the planning modeler for locking of data. This locking affects the entry of data via input-ready layouts and all kind of integrated planning functions. It does not stop the user to enter data via the old BPS layouts, which are not  using integrated planning. Data can be also loaded into the cube.


In the transaction RSPLAN when we select an info cube and check the planning specific properties there is a tab Data Slice right next to the characteristic relationships.

RSPLAN Infoprovider
RSPLAN Infoprovider
RSPLAN data slices
RSPLAN data slices


There are 2 types of data slices – selection and exit.

The selection has not much flexibility and often can’t cover the user requirement, but can be used as ad hock solution in some cases.

Variables can be used also instead of fixed values for this type of data slice. If there is a dataslice

The data slice of type exit for locking the data in a planning cube gives more possibilities to select different criteria for allowed entries.

There is a standard class for such data slices, which includes some example code and can be used as super-class for your own exit class. This is CL_RSPLS_DS_EXIT_BASE. You can copy it into a new class starting with Z, save and activate. You have to enter your own code into the method: IF_RSPLS_DS_METHODS~IS_PROTECTED.

First you can check if the exit is working with simple code for one characteristic. For example we want to lock the data entered for the last fiscal year = 2017.


We need to enter following code in the method:



e_noinput = rs_c_false.

If  <FISCYEAR>  = ‘2017’.

e_noinput = rs_c_true.



We can implement also more complex logic for combination of characteristics in the planning cube. One option is to store the combination of the characteristics in a table or Data store object from where we can read in the dataslice.

After completing the code and activating the class, we should set the dataslice to the planning cube in transaction RSPLAN in the last tab dataslice.

We should select dataslice from type exit, select the class and also the characteristic FISCYEAR as restricted. Save and we can test that the data is locked.

Table where we can check the existing data slices is RSPLS_DS. See more for the tables in integrated planning here.

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    complex logic for combination of characteristics Please let us know if you have some sample code


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