Find the transformation ID by routine technical name

 How to find a transformation ID when having only the routine technical name ?

There are situations where you need to check the connection between a transformation and the routines that are belonging to it. For example you transport a big list of transformations at once and there is an error by releasing the transport. The error is giving the problematic routine technical name, but not the transformation name. (Example error: Object directory entry R3TR ROUT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx does not exist.)

Another situation: You collect a transport in transport connection and a big list of routines appears. You are not sure which routine is belonging to your transformation.

In such cases you should find out what type of routine is this and to which transformation it belongs. You have only the technical name of a routine. What are the options?

Check in the main table for transformations:

You can check in the table, which stores information about transformations and the connection between transformations and routines  РRSTRAN Transformation. Using transaction SE16 you can try to enter the routine technical name into the fields STARTROUTINE, ENDROUTINE and EXPERT, which are appearing only as ID.

transformation table RSTRAN routine technical name
transformation table RSTRAN

More about tables in SAP you can read here.

In the field Transformation ID you will find the technical name of the transformation. You can search than the transformation in transaction RSA1>>Find and than select the checkbox Transformation under checkbox Rules.

Try the additional tables for transformations and routines:

It can happen that you don’t find the routine in table RSTRAN than you can try with other tables.

Other tables for transformations are RSTRANSTEPROUT  and RSTRANROUTMAP. The technical name of the routine should be entered into field ABAP code ID. In the column transformation you will see the transformation technical name.

Other tables for transformations which can be useful are:

RSTRANFIELD Mapping of Rule Parameters – Structure Fields
RSTRANRULE Transformation Rule
RSTRANRULESTEP Rule Steps for a Transformation Rule
RSTRANSTEPMAP Mapping for Rule Step Within a Rul

Table for checking the routine: RSAABAP

Useful programs for transformation and routines:

If you need to have an overview of all records in the database connected with a transformation you can use program RSTRAN_DDIS. It will display transformation metadata in the related tables.

There is also a very useful standard SAP program, which can check the consistency of a transformation and repair it: RSTRAN_ROUT_RSFO_CHECK . It will check the formula and the routines for consistency.

Sometimes the records on the mentioned transformation tables are not consistent. This program will check them and correct the wrong ones. We can execute it with transaction SE38 and F8 (Execute). There is option for simulation or for repair.


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