Programs to activate BW objects in locked system

Programs to activate BW objects in locked system are used when the system is locked for changes and when You want to avoid transportation for some reason.

Usually when working with SAP systems, the system landscape includes development, quality and productive environment. In productive environment in most cases the system is locked for changes and they are done first in development, than tested in quality and transported into productive. Sometimes it can happen that some BW objects are inactive in productive or quality system, but they are active in the development. In such cases some ABAP programs can be used for activation. Such programs can be very useful after an upgrade or copy of the system.

You may need to activate BW objects at once or one by one.

ABAP programs are executed with transaction SE38. There are a lot of standard ABAP programs available in SAP – the so called ABAP reports. In SE38 transaction you can execute them, view their code, save your custom variants for execution, or search where the program is used.

Here is a list with some useful ABAP programs for activation in a locked system:


  • Activate data source:

RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL – this program activates all Datasources according to the selection.

  • Activate infocubes:

RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE – this program activates all infocubes according the selection.

  • Activate transformations:

RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE SAP Note 1408161 should be implemented if this program is not available

  • Activate Multiproviders:


  • Activate Composite providers (BW on HANA):


  • Activate classic DSO:


  • Transfer structures:


  • Data transfer processes:


  • InfoObjects

RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE (single object only – no mass activation)

  • Update rules

RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL – This standard ABAP program reactivates only already active update rules.  The possibility of changing this behavior has been revised a few times, and the decision was to keep it activating only the already active versions. The reason is that the update rules should always be checked when they get deactivated. Just reactivating them may cause inconsistencies.

  • Aggregation levels

For activation of planning aggregation levels you can use function module RSPLS_ALVL_ACTIVATE. To start the function module you can use transaction SE37. If you are not authorized for this function module, you can try with Eclipse.

Using these programs should be carefully and only if we understand what we are doing. Some of them may cause inconsistencies if not used correctly.


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