Tables in SAP BW Integrated planning


Tables in SAP BW integrated planning

Tables in SAP BW Integrated planning

Integrated planning is part of SAP BW system and enables the possibility to change the information in BW and plan different scenarios and versions. First of all in order to use the planning options of the infocubes, You should create a real-time cube. Also You should select the option in planning specific properties “Real-time data target can be planned”.

Integrated planning uses planning functions, planning sequences, aggregation levels, function types and other specific objects. The transaction for maintaining integrated planning functions is RSPLAN. Probably You will need additional or summarized information about planning objects and you can find this  direct in the tables in the SAP database.

The tables, containing information about BW Integrated Planning are starting  in most cases with the prefix: RSPL, so You can open SE16 transaction and search for them entering RSPL* and F4.

Here is a list with the most used tables in BW Integrated Planning:
  • Planning sequences

Information for planning sequences is in tables RSPLS_SEQUENCE and RSPLS_SEQUENCE_S for the planning steps.

  • Aggregation levels

Tables for aggregation levels are RSPLS_ALVL, RSPLS_ALVL_IOBJ and RSPLS_ALVLT.

  • Functions

The main table for functions is RSPLF_SRV. There is information about the function, function type and the aggregation level. Therefore, if  You want to check in which functions a particular function type is used, you can check it in this table.

More details about the functions are in tables: RSPLF_SRV_COND – Conditions, RSPLF_SRV_CU – Characteristic usage, RSPLF_SRVTYPE – Definition of the planning function and other tables starting with the prefix RSPLF.

  • Characteristic relationships

Characteristic relationships are stored in RSPLS_CR_HEAD – Characteristic Relationships: Header Table,RSPLS_CR_STEPS- details by steps; RSPLS_CR_PROP -Characteristic Relationships: Settings,  RSPLS_CR_RANGE – Char.Relationship: Range, RSPLS_CR_ROLE – Characteristic Relationships: Roles of the Characteristics.

  • Data slices

The main tale for data slices is RSPLS_DS. There are additional tables:

– RSPLS_DS_FIELD – Data Slices: InfoObejcts with Restrictions,

– RSPLS_DS_HEAD Data Slices: Header,

– RSPLS_DS_RANGE – The selection for the dataslices and

– RSPLS_DST for the text table.


  • Function modules (transaction SE37)

The information about function modules is stored in tables: TFDIR, ENLFDIR.

Table RSINFDIR is only for inactive function modules.

Funtion types are in table: TLIBG

  • Query elements and planning filters – In table RSZELTDIR there is information about the name of the filter or element. In table RSZELTXREF and RSRREPDIR  there is information for which infocube of aggregation level the query element is related.


More about tables in SAP and how to find them, You can read here.



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