Top 10 favorite transactions in BW

Top 10 favorite transactions in BW:

SAP is working with transactions and transaction codes. To start a transaction you just need to enter into the command input box the transaction code and press enter.


 SAP command input box
SAP command input box

Every transaction is connected with a program. You can check transaction codes and programs with transaction SE93. There are a lot of transactions in SAP system. In this article I will try to summarize the most useful transactions specific for BW consultants.

So after this notes here are my top 10 favorite transactions in BW:

  1. RSA1 – The main transaction of BW. The first place is definitely for this well known transaction RSA1 – Data Warehousing Workbench: Modeling. The BW modeling begins with this transaction. This is the main tool for accessing and modeling of all BW objects: Info providers, Info objects, Process chains, Info Sources, Data Sources and Source systems. From the menu in the left you can select also to access the transport connection tool.
  2. LISTCUBE – lists the data in the info cube by selection criteria entered in the selection screen. See also how to make pre-selection of the info cube characteristics.
  3. LISTSCHEMA – lists the table names associated with an info cube or so called info cube schema
  4. ST13 – BW statistics for BW tools. You can check here various statistics about BW queries, also very good statistics about planning functions are here.
  5. RSRT – Query monitor; Option to execute query, created in Bex Query Designer
  6. RSRQ – Check a request by the technical name
  7. RSPLAN – The main transaction for integrated planning functions. It can be used also to set up a characteristic relationship or data slice on a real-time info provider.
  8. RSPC (RSPC1 and  RSPC2) – Process chain maintenance: RSPC2 can show the process chain before the current one and is very useful to find out the initial process chain.
  9. RSA3 – Extractor checker
  10. RSECADMIN – Management of Analyses authorizations – There you can maintain common authorization objects used to define the authorization roles in BW.

See also the list with my favorite common SAP transactions and shortcuts here.

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