How to create key figure InfoObject in BW on HANA?

Create key figure InfoObject in BW on HANA  using HANA studio.

Infoobjects are the smallest available information fields in Business warehouse. They are known also as Business evaluation objects.

When operating in BW on HANA system we can’t use transaction RSA1 for creating infoObjects anymore. The buttons are still visible, but when we press Create Inofobject, we will see the following message:

We should use BW Modeling Tools. This can happen with HANA studio or with Eclipse. It depends on what you have. I am using HANA studio.

There the creation is easy and happens just with several clicks.

  1. We should be in the view BW modeling
  2. We press button New>Infoobject:
    HANA studio create infoobject



  3. We fill in the details and press finish:

BW project is the project to which it will be attached. Info Area should be created before the InfoObject creation. Name is the technical name. We can copy from existing key fugure. In infooject type we select Key figure or characteristic. In our case we select key figure. In Data type we should select the type of the data stored.

There are 6 options: Amount, Date, Integer, Number, Quantity and Time. Depending on the purpose of the key figure we can select the type. Number, Integer, Date or Time don’t have unit of measure obligatory while Amount and Quantity should have one. Integer is used for whole numbers.

4. The next screen is the Edit view of the InfoObject. There we can specify the aggregation, exception aggregation, the unit of measure, the decimals.

5. We activate the InfoObject and it is visible now in RSA1. If we need to delete it, we can do it from there.


We have to notice that in HANA studio there is also a very nice content help available with Ctrl+Space. There is also Help information. It can be started with button F1.



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