Who changed the status of a real-time infocube?

Real-time infocubes planning specific properties

“Who changed the status of a real-time infocube?” – Before getting to this question let’s see some basic information about the infocubes.

In BW we have 2 types of info-cubes: standard and real-time. In the standard infocube we have the option to load data from a datasource and use different transformations for modifications of the data. The real time info-cube is actually the planning cube where the planning functions are allowed.  With planning functions we can modify the data. We can copy, change, do different calculations with the data, make distributions based on reference data or forecast functions.

Real-time  info-cubes have the option to be in planning or loading mode.  The planning specific properties are available only for real-time cubes with right mouse button in transaction RSA1.

In planning mode planning is allowed and data loading is not possible. In loading mode the planning is not allowed and we say that the cube is locked for planning.

When the cube is used for both functions – loading of data and planning functions than such switch is necessary. When it happens by mistake, we will have an error, if we try to plan in a cube with loading mode.

The error usually is following: Planning cannot be performed for real-time infocube.

Before going to the planning specific settings and switching the cube into planning mode, we should check what is the reason. May be there is a conventional load of data still running or some other operation like compression of the data is in progress. If we switch the cube, we will cancel the load of data or other operation.

How to check who changed the planning properties of a real time infocube and why?

The first thing is to check in transaction rsa1 the last requests in the cube:

  • RSA1>>Infocube>>right button>>Manage>> check the last request

We will immediately notice if something is running at the moment and by clicking on the request monitor we can see details.

If the information there is not enough or not useful, there are other options too. We can check some interesting tables and get more information about the requests in the cube.

We can check what is running currently on a infocube or in what requests the cube is involved in a table RSBKREQUEST. In transaction Se16 we just enter table RSBKREQUEST and in selections we check active requests.


We can check who was the last person modifying the cube and if some load is running:

  • Check in transaction SE16 table RSMDATASTATE and RSMONICDP.

More useful tables:

RSPCVARIANT – Table for process chain variants. We can search for process type “Load mode on”

RVPPROCESS – Table for processes for a info-provider.


If we checked all these options probably the reason was found and we can change back the cube state to planning.

See also the tables in integrated planning module here.

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