SAP MIME repository

SAP MIME repository is an option to store different MIME objects in the SAP database. The abbreviation MIME is coming from Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and means different type of files – txt, pictures, videos. This standard SAP functionality can be very useful when creating custom applications and layouts.

How to access the SAP MIME repository?

SAP MIME repository is part of the Object Navigator. You can access it with transaction SE80 and if there is no tab with description MIME repository you can select from the menu: Environment>>Web tools>>MIME repository:




How to use it?

Opening the MIME repository in SAP you will see different folders, where the MIME objects are stored. The system creates automatically folders in the MIME Repository for each Web Dynpro ABAP or BSP application. This folder stores only application-specific MIME objects. If you use for example design studio in your system you will find there folder BW>>Design studio.  You can create your own folder and store your data too.

You can create new folder with the right mouse button Create>>Folder.  You can create or import MIME objects into the folder. You can refer to your files in the applications using the path: /sap/bw/mime/yourfolder/file.txt


How to add a file in MIME repository?

You can import an object with the right mouse button and selecting import MIME object. When importing such object transport will be required. You can change or create file directly in the repository with the right mouse button and selecting create.

What kind of files can be stored?

You can upload different kind of pictures, text,pdf, zip files and others.  The files containing Style Sheets for design studio applications are also stored in the MIME repository for example. If you want to modify the style sheets of your custom application, you can do it here.  In the SAP documentation there is information that audio and video files are also supported.

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