Undo released transport – how to?

Undo released transport

There are situations where you want to change already released transport.  You forgot to include something, you want to change the description or you want to separate the transport into parts, which should be transported separately. When you already released the tasks and the transport in SE10 there is no option to turn it back. But SAP has provided a standard program for this purpose.

Step by step guide to undo already released transport
  1. To use it you should enter transaction SE38 and execute program RDDIT076:


2. The next screen will ask you to enter the task or request, which you want to modify.

Undo released transport

3. You enter the transport request number and press execute. As a result you will see a table with the transport and tasks included.

4. You can modify the column “state” of the transport and change R with D (modifiable). Modify also the status of the tasks and press save. The status is changed and you can see it in SE10 transaction. You can also modify the objects in the transport.


If you need to unlock some already collected and locked objects in the transport you can do it in transaction SE03 with selecting the option unlock objects in request/task.  The objects from the unlocked task can be added easily to another transport with the option add objects to request in SE10:

You can also delete the task from the old transport and collect new one.

Probably after modifying the transport you will need to release it again. If you get error Request <Request ID> has the invalid attribute EXPTIMESTAMP” you will need to double click on the transport and go to the properties tab. There you select the row with “EXPORT_TIMESTAMP” and delete it. Don’t forget to press save.

You can go back and try to release again. It should be possible now.


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