How to transport a design studio application?

How to transport a design studio application from the development to the productive system?

We are creating web applications with Business objects Design studio. We work in a development system. When the application is ready we test it and we want to have it in our productive system. The transport of the application doesn’t happen in the BO Design Studio. To transport the application we need to log in into the back end BW system.

We execute transaction RSA1 and go to the transport connection in the left part of the screen.

There we can select from a wide range of object types to transport. Design studio analysis applications are under the folder More types and than Analysis Application AZAP:

transport connection objects

Before continuing to collect the objects, we should check the settings of the transport collection. If we click on Grouping we can see what options do we have. Recommended is to select only necessary objects.

how to transport design studio application

With this transport we will collect only the necessary objects into our transport and not the whole BW model.

We go further and press select objects.

A list with all applications is displayed. There is option for filtering and searching.

We select our application and it is added to the right part of the screen, where we collect all the objects to be transported.

We should see the checkbox before the application selected.

If this is not the case, we should select it. If it is not enabled, this means that probably our application is already part of another transport. We can search for it in transaction SE03. We select find objects in requests/tasks.

In the selection screen we select the already mentioned type AZAP and enter the name of the application. If we find the transport we can either release it or delete the application from there and continue with the new transport.

When the application and the necessary objects are collected, we press the truck an our transport is ready.

We have to release it in transaction SE10 and  transport it to the next system with transaction STMS.


More about transportation you can find in the post about transportation of process chains: here.




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