Where to find SAP help?

SAP help – There are tons of information about SAP, but it is difficult to find the proper explanation for a question.

SAP help

Good idea is to start with the help inside SAP. Just press F1 and you can see the help information displayed. For ABAP programs there is very good and detailed help when pressing F1. For other parts of SAP there is more or less information depending on module. See here for useful tricks when searching help in SAP system.


Google can be really helpful when searching how to resolve a problem or when You just stuck and don’t know what to do. There are some places where you can ask and get some help. Usually there are a lot of people, who were having the same problem and solved it already.

SAP official site

The official place to search for help is https://support.sap.com – There you can search for SAP notes and create own OSS message (ticket to SAP) for a problem, for which You don’t find solution.  SAP notes are already solved problems, which are explained with a solution, which you can implement in Your SAP system and solve a particular problem.  They can be searched by keywords and by number. Often they reference to another SAP note, which should also be implemented. Notes are implemented in the system with the transaction SNOTE. You can check with this transaction if the note was already implemented into the SAP system.


Other parts of the official SAP site are: the SDN (SAP development network), which is now the new  SAP Community https://www.sap.com/community.html

In SAP community you can search for questions and answers by area and you can also ask your own question after registration.

The official SAP Help site can be found on http://help.sap.com/ . There you can read detailed help information about all modules, transactions and components in SAP.

SAP blogs and private sites

Often in such personal SAP pages the explanations are more simple and based on true experience. This makes them very worthy. Here is a list with my favorite SAP blogs:




If you want to be part of the list, please send me your SAP blog.





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