My favorite SAP transactions and shortcuts

Favorite SAP transactions and shortcuts: here is my list with the most used transactions and shortcuts. This list includes common SAP transactions used by different kind of consultants.


My favorite SAP transactions


  1. SU01d – a transaction that shows Your own user data in display mode.  Even if You are not authorized to use SU01 transaction for changing the user, You can use this transaction to display the user. A good point to start with SAP is to start with checking Your own user and the roles, which are assigned to You in the system.
  2. SE16 – display table – SAP has a database system and often You need to check the data direct in the database table. This transaction gives You quick access to the data in the tables, if you know the table name. How to check the table name behind a field, see: here.
  3. SE11 – ABAP dictionary. Here You can check tables, but also structures and other elements.
  4. SLG1 – application log. Here You can check the messages, which the system stores after execution of functions.
  5. SE38 – execute ABAP program in SAP. Even if You are not ABAP developer, You will need from time to time to execute an ABAP program. This is done via transaction SE38.
  6. SM12 – maintain lock entry list – Sometimes there are locking entries which are stopping the users work. You can view and delete them with this transaction.
  7. ST22 -check the SAP ABAP short dump errors
  8. SE03 – Transport organizer Tools – very useful for searching objects in transport requests/tasks.


  1. F8 -button of the keyboard – You can use it instead of button “Excute” Execute favorite SAP transactions.
  2. F1 – Help button; gives additional information about the screen or error.
  3. /n – shortcut which leads to the start menu
  4. /nex – quickly closes all sessions on an application server
  5. /o – opens new session and You can use it also in combination with transaction /nxxxx where XXXX is transaction code. It will open the transaction in new session. You can open up to 6 sessions in one SAP system.
  6. Ctrl+Y – allows You to copy the text of most fields of every screen. Very soon You will notice that not every description in SAP is easy to copy and paste. This shortcut allows You to do it.
  7. When a transaction in SAP takes too much time and you want to stop it, you can click on the left upper part of the screen in SAP on this button: my favorite sap transactions and a menu will opens. Choose “Stop transaction”.


Most of these favorite SAP transactions you will use every day and know by heart, but if you want to keep a transaction name save, than it is recommended to use favorites in Your SAP user menu.

This is easy to make. When You are in main SAP menu in the upper left part of the screen there is a folder Favorites. There you can add with the right button transactions and reports.

Which are Your favorite SAP transactions?





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