Pre-selection of Infocube characteristics


Sometimes when You use transaction LISTCUBE in SAP BW/SAP BI or display data of infocube from transaction RSA1 there are too many characteristics in the infoprovider and you need to select from the long list. A maximum of 72 characteristics is permitted.

The exact message is: “InfoProvider contains too many characteristics; make a preselection”

Often You need to change the selection and when You go back, You have to start the selection from the beginning. To skip this You can save

the selection in a simple text file with this button

and later use it with this button next to the first one.

Before loading the selection from the text file You need to deselect all fields by this button:


There is one more option to reduce the fields when You are using the transaction LISTCUBE. You can just select not to display the SIDs and the fields number will be reduced. Sometimes this is enough.

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