RSADMIN table purpose in BW

RSADMIN table purpose:

In SAP BW system we have the possibility to customize the behavior of system elements like info-cubes, info-objects, data store objects and other with parameters, which are stored into tables RSADMIN.

RSADMIN table purpose is to be used as configuration tablein the SAP BW system usually by the installation of the system or after upgrade. We can enter specific parameter to solve specific customizing problems. These parameters can influence the BW system behavior. All possible parameters are listed in a SAP note 912367. There are also other notes about the parameters stored in RSADMIN table, so we can search the SAP notes with key word RSADMIN.

To display the table we can use transaction SE16.


In case we need to insert, change or delete any parameter of RSADMIN table, there is an ABAP report crated: SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN.

We can start transaction SE38 and execute the report. Than just fill the parameter and its value, select insert, update or delete and execute (F8). This will save the data into the table.

RSADMIN table administration
RSADMIN table administration

We have to be careful when using system parameters, because this will have influence on the whole system, not only on one particular  info-cube or object. The table RSADMIN can be transported with manual transport, but it can be also modified in every system directly. We have to check, which option is accepted in our system environment.  If we need to transport particular entries, here is how to do it manually:

In transaction Se10 -> Create new transport. Add new object in the transport with following parameters:

Prog ID:        R3TR

Object Type: TABU

Object Name: RSADMIN

Object Key:   names_of_parameters_that_you_want_to_transport

Example parameters:

Examples for system parameters and their usage:


  • User for background execution:

Parameter: BW_USER – Set user for background execution and for connection to other systems.

  • Process chains to be not started after import.This parameter allows you to exclude chains with immediate start from automatic scheduling after the transport:


More information in SAP note: 1233327

  • Forbid entry of duplicate rows for characteristic combinations:


This parameter has impact on all info-cubes and Advanced DSOs. It has no impact on DSOs.Duplicate line check for DSOs and DSO-like ADSOs cannot be disabled.

  • Decimals setting of a key figure

Parameter IGNORE_T006_ANDEC can be set to overrule specific T006 settings like how many decimals to be shown in a Bex Query.

Additional SAP-tricks:

If wee need to access the table in function modules we can use function module RSA2_RSADMIN_GET or class CL_RSDRI_INFOPROV->RSADMIN_PARAM_READ.

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